Tuesday, August 20, 2013

7 (Weird) Things I do when I feel low

Whenever I feel low, these are stuff (some might sound weird) I’d do to get back to being the cheerful me.

#1 Scribble on a sticky note things that I am blessed with

A very good friend of mine gave me this awesome pep talk a few months ago.  

He meant, “Flunked your tests?  Got beaten up by your Manager?  In a debt?  Embarrassed and feel like a piece of shit?  In neck deep trouble?  Discover you have both cholesterol and sugar when “think” you are a fitness freak?

Even if you find yourself in ALL these situations and in 10 other equally worse ones, Never ever ask “why me?”  Instead feel grateful for the things you are blessed with.  There are thousands of people out there whose plight is even worse and we are far better.”

So the other day, when I was low, I took a sticky note and scribbled everything that I was blessed with and for a second imagined how elated I would feel, when I lost every single thing on the list and finally got it back.  It definitely did make me feel much better!

#2 I do things to feel appreciated

I know it was just this one time I helped my 60-year old neighbor in Bangalore run his errands when he was sick. Ah.. and he keeps saying this even now, 3 years later, to every other person, how I am this lovely girl who helped him once.  And you know.. it does feel good to be appreciated.. :-D

So, the next time you feel low, go help the next-door, 80-year grandma fix her broken glasses.  Take your neighbor’s dog for a walk.   Volunteer to teach English in a local public school.  Help the five year old school-going kid carry his 10 kg schoolbag.  Go to an orphanage and spend time with the kids there.  (I’ve done this and the way the kids fondly ask me “Lavanya akka, epdi irukeenga”, shake my hands and want to pose with me as if I'm Bill Gates, warms my heart)

I’m sure it not only helps you lift your spirits but it also goes a long way in having a healthy relationship with your neighbors, your team or the kids.

#3 I cook like it’s served for nobility and eat like a King

I’m sure the pictures are self-explanatory!!

Stuff that I cooked, when I was all alone in the US and believe me, I've literally gobbled everything until the last piece of rice left; all in one sitting! :-D

I get such a huge sense of satisfaction when I do my own cooking.  How the food turns out to be.. umm.. that’s another question! 

So now you know, what you can try when you feel a bit low.  Never mind, if you are no good at cooking.  Boiling a pack of Maggi noodles might work as well! ;-)

#4 Pamper myself at a beauty spa

I hope my Dad doesn’t read this article! ;-)  He hates me going to a parlor! But still, I need to be honest - I love being at a spa.  Emptying 500 bucks out of your pockets and getting a facial massage, wow, that’s the best thing you need when you’re low.  FEEL PAMPERED!

#5 The sense of achievement when I hand-wash my clothes or do my dishes..

I know, this might sound stupid.  But two things that makes me feel so proud of myself –

a.      Washing my clothes by hand – It’s a painstaking job to wash a two-week pile of soiled clothes in my hostel in Bangalore, but believe me, when I’m done, it’s such a sense of satisfaction! Weird, isn’t it?

b.     Do the dishes at home – My mom has made a lazy bum of me (I like to attribute my laziness to her pampering me). I’m not proud to say this, but I hardly remember helping her with the housework ever.  But at times, once in a blue moon, I help her with the dishes.  When I’m done and see them spick-and-span, oh my, the sense of achievement.. ha ha, I actually feel much prouder than this one time I got an Individual Excellence Award @ Honeywell!!

#6 Go on a long drive, “singing” like I care about nothing

A long drive in my tiny Alto, with the windows raised, the music system blaring and me “singing” even louder like I had no worries! (“Singing” in quotes coz some people might think its barking, or even worse - braying)

I’ve seen people chuckle, some even give me a nasty stare, when they catch a glimpse of me though the window, mimicking Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” live performance@ BRIT's.. but who cares?

This one to me, is such a mood lifter.. I can’t emphasize enough how happy it makes me feel!  I'm seriously thinking I should quit being a Technical Lead / Portal Consultant and start being a FastTrack Taxi driver!   Or even better will be turning into a lorry driver for Rajam Lorry Service.  (My mind voice says, Pedha vehicle, Pedha sandosham!) ;)

#7 A quick ‘Hi’  to my favorite God – Murugan in his shrine

Well, if none of the above seem to work, maybe some divine intervention can help.

So, I go see Murugan – My first love! 
His divine beauty and the eternal smile gives me the warmth that's sure to keep me cheerful all day.

P.S: - I consider 7 to be my lucky number.  So let me stop with that! ;-) 

But there’s definitely one person who needs special mention.  Someone who helped me when I was low and told me that writing a blog would be such a let out of emotion.  He was absolutely true.. I don’t care if none read my blog, I just love the fact that it’s a let out of my emotion and depicts my mood. 

So, yeah thanks, Shaunbatty @ Pasu.  You can find him on - http://riddikilus.blogspot.in/, he's been a true inspiration for me to even create a blog at the first place.  Way to go, man!