Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thought for the Day #1 - Birthday Candles

It was Jithu's birthday and Radha had ordered a wonderful chocolate truffle cake.  I was literally drooling over the cake waiting to grab a piece when,

8.15.30 PM:   Everyone's gathered around the cake
8.15.32 PM:   Jithu almost with the knife a few inches away from the cake and close to cutting it
8.15.39 PM:   (Someone in the crowd) "Hold on, where are the candles?"
8.17.50 PM:   Radha, after a frantic search in all the drawers confirms we had none.
8.18.10 PM:   (The 'someone' goes again.. ) "Candles MUST be blown when the birthday cake is cut, if not, bring the matchbox over, let him at least blow a lighted matchstick!"
8.18.30 PM:   So there goes Jithu, blows out a lighted matchstick and proceeds to cut the cake wildly..

Well this instantly made me think..

A birthday is a happy occasion, ain't it?  And a birthday party - a happier one! ;-)  Then why do we blow out lighted candles, especially when light is considered to bring warmth and joy?  Instead why not, light candles and let it die out gradually?  Just like what Mom does in our Pooja room with the Kamakshi vilakku?

I never got an answer!